Saturday, July 14, 2012

To Kill

The earliest Christians, by and large, were pacifists. There is no way around this. To say otherwise is simply to not take history very seriously. Numerous early Christian writers, both clergy and laymen, made it very clear that taking the life of another human simply was not something a Christian ought to do. If we think of sin  properly it becomes difficult to see how killing could ever be anything other than a sin: which is to say that killing is damaging to the human soul. We were not made for killing, and making ourselves kill is as bad an idea as putting diesel fuel in my Impala. A great many soldiers would say the same thing, after experiencing the...there is no words for it...the...thing that war is. Of course, even within the Church allowances have been made. It is not inconceivable that one would be put in a situation were killing was the least damaging thing you could do to your soul. Nonetheless, I think that serious consideration must be given to the idea of Christians killing. Too easily do we dismiss the matter as a given. Largely this stems from our own discomfort: we do not like to think about it seriously lest we come to conclusions we dislike. We want to be able to kill if it comes down to it. We want to be able to execute that bastard for what he did. But what we want matters little in this matter.

More will be said about this later, but something important to consider is a painfully obvious question: can you love someone and kill them?