Friday, April 19, 2013

Vampires and Zombies As Manifestations of Political Fears: Against S Peter Davis

In the above linked article the writer attempts to demonstrate that vampires are a manifestation of the fears of the political right, and that zombies are a manifestation of the fears of the political left. I take issue with his view, and will attempt to demonstrate the opposite understanding. The secret is that each is a fusion of 1) what each side fears about the other and 2) what each side suspects about the other..

Why The Left Fears Vampires:

First off, I should mention that I'm talking about old-school Stoker vampires. Drakul. Vlad Teppic. Nosferatu. And so forth. Now then: vampires are the privileged elite. Count Dracula is, after all, a count. Most vampire stories involve, at most, only a few vampires. A small family, if not just a solitary figure, feeding off the masses for the good of the few. And they tend to be rich. Fine food, fine wine, good clothes, expensive all around. The operate in secret, in the dark, influencing those beneath them. Davis rightly mentions that vampires tend to be sexually defiant. But the left never actually believes the right when they claim to be chaste and righteous. Every pastor caught in adultery or with a porn addiction just reinforces the notion that the right are hypocrites. I also disagree that the foreignness of vampires is ever a major factor. They tend to be pale and at least somewhat Caucasian-esque. Even when they're not, it's usually not an emphasized factor. He's correct that vampires are parasites, but the left views the wealthy elite as parasites on the poor.

Why The Right Fears Zombies:

Note: we're talking Dawn of the Dead, Romero zombies. Not 28 Days Later zombies. 

They're not just zombies, they're the proletariat rising! The vast horde, walking (shambling) in communist lockstep. The right fears that the left will attempt  to equalize us all, remove anything that makes us exceptional. Zombies, by and large, are all equally fast, equally strong, and equally smart.  No one zombie typically gets to eat any more than the other, as they all descend on the of kill and partake as they can. One might object that the zombies aren't actually working together, they're just a collection of individuals seeking their own ends. But that's the trick: the right doesn't think communism works because humans are selfish bastards that seek their own ends and can't work together. Capitalism is an attempt to use human greed to positive effect. But zombies are perfectly equalized humans whose selfishness happens to mesh with each other.